The Strata - Tiny Hemp Home

The Strata 

Inspired by the layering in hempcrete, “The Strata” hempcrete home will depict the true concept of community building, wherein, each layer builds upon the next.  Bold stripes and rich organic colors represent the diversity and beauty of the industrial hemp plant benefits. Using this concept, The Strata Hempcrete home was conceived!

The Strata is our vision of a Tiny Hemp Home where the universe can come together to learn and embrace clean sustainable living at its best. It will be an example of how people all over the world can live petroleum FREE! We will replace petroleum-based products with natural materials, for an energy efficient sanctuary. All of the products and parts will be made from hemp, such as the counter-tops, linens, food, toiletries, body care and more. Even the structure will be made from the sustainable and insulative material called hempcrete.

Hempcrete is the only building material on the market that is rated as carbon-negative. Hempcrete wall systems are the #1 thermal walls you could have in your house or commercial building. Hempcrete will last hundreds of years past wood or regular concrete. The thick walls of these structures create a ‘breathable building.”

Hempcrete is a combination of hemp aggregate, water, and lime-based binder. This mix produces excellent insulating and acoustic properties. Hempcrete regulates temperature and humidity and due to its hydroscopic nature, it is breathable and prevents mold growth. The lime in the hempcrete mix will render the insulation fire-proof and pest resistant.

Within the hempcrete structure we will see a true concept of strata, behind a glass covered frame, from floor to ceiling, we expose the hemp wall, to allow for a better understanding of the insulative material of hempcrete. Our vision is to have a livable, permitted home and to utilize it for educating industry folks and non-industry folks alike.

Within the Strata we will be educating on the vast benefits of industrial hemp, sustainable living, off-grid living, the hempcrete construction process, hemp twine making, sewing, salve making, gardening, community building, healthy cooking and more!

With your sponsorship, you will be helping to build a place of learning, healing and community building. We have many gifts as thank you’s. Such as catered dinners throughout the 6 month process, opportunities to come to classes, your products in the showcase home and if you want to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze tier donor, you will also be able to come stay in the suite and receive a plaque with you named etched in hemp forever.

The Strata will be a showcase and accessible to all. Everyone from home builders, green construction fans, families, students, city government officials, tourists, and all those wanted to live clean by reducing their carbon footprint are invited to come experience The Strata. This hempcrete, hemp filled home will be a showcase for sustainable clean living for years to come.

Please consider supporting this project by becoming a sponsor of a truly unique heartfelt project. We must all come together for the good of this planet and it begins with one tiny hemp home…The Strata

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