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Hemplements, LLC is a unique mobile retailer of premium hemp products serving the greater Colorado Springs area. Our founders are dedicated to raising awareness about the truth and benefits of hemp, hemp products, and medical marijuana. As a mobile retailer, we bring the storefront to you with our friendly and knowledgeable expert staff.

Hemplements offers a wide variety of hemp products across several product lines, including apparel, fashion accessories, home decor, gifts, paper products, health and beauty, and much more. All of our products are made with premium hemp or are blended with sustainable, organic materials, such as cotton, wool, and bamboo. We are constantly monitoring the market to discover the best products to offer to you.

The benefit of offering our one of a kind mobile service is that we cater to multiple types of functions. We have served our customers at expos, private parties, farmers markets, street fairs, festivals, corporate events, and more. Your guests or group can browse our lineup and speak with our staff directly within our mobile storefront, or we can set up inside your home, office, or other location. If you're interested in booking an event, or simply learning more about what we do, give us a call. We are happy to speak with you!

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