The Reason(s) to Visit Downtown Colorado Springs

Mar 16 2016 1 Comment Tags: Acacia Park, Downtown Colorado Springs, Hemp, Hemplements, shopping, storefront

Colorado Springs is widely celebrated for its outdoor activities, a spoken of gem is its Downtown area, and Acacia Park. An epicenter of art, economic growth, gathering with citizens, and great local businesses to visit frequently.
In the center of downtown is Acacia Park, offering spots for unwinding, a fountain and summer concerts. On our corner of Acacia, East Bijou Street and North Tejon, you can find the classic eclectic window shopping and exceptional eats you'd expect in our downtown.
Among its tightly wound cluster of locally owned businesses stands out Hemplements, a one of a kind, all hemp one stop shop.
Hemp is amazingly versatile. With our diverse selection of products we demonstrate hemps great depth of potential in all aspects of life. We stock snacks; try the chocolate covered hemp seeds before you die, its a bucket lister. Our clothes selection is diverse, from essentials like shirts, socks and towels, to wear, keep your toes comfy, and dry off after you bathe. We even keep craft supplies for purchase so you can explore creatively with hemp and grow to love it as much as we do! And much, much more.
Please be sure to stop by when you're in the area, start scheduling some saving the planet time on your shopping trip, and pick up your everyday items and something unique at Hemplements!

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