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With Christmas being just a few days, may we suggest that you take a moment and visit us at 22 Bijou Street, here in Colorado Springs.

Our large assortment of Hemp related items are sure to be a special gift for those family and friends that may be a little hard to shop for. 

We have clothes for both men and women, bath and beauty products, and a wide variety of other Hemp items that are bound to please!

We'll see you there!

And if you mention that you liked us on Face Book, you'll get a 10% discount! 





On December 19th, Hemplements Theater Comedy Troop, presented "I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus" at "Club A64", here in Colorado Springs.

This is the second Murder Mystery Play presented by our theater company and was a success for all those involved. 

These plays are intended for adult audiences since our current location for performances  is the "First Cannabis Club in Colorado Springs". Plus each play contains adult humor.

Our next play is scheduled for February, so keep checking back. Also visit our page for our theatrical company here on our webpage. 




   DECEMBER 6, 2015

A Dickens Christmas

Christmas from the past visits “Hemplements”. Today we had a special Victorian treat! “The Original Dickens Carolers” stooped by ans sang for wonderful Christmas music for our store shoppers and agreed we had one of the best hemp related items seen.

Please take some time out of your busy Christmas Shopping Schedule to listen to these wonderful singers. Also, if you can, please remember to tip them for their musical talent.






Actually, Waistey’s Department Store is about to loose there store Santa …. To MURDER!

This comedy Mystery Murder is designed to make you laugh, cringe, and for YOU to discover … who murdered the Jolly Old Elf!!

Hemplements, Club A64, and the ary Jane Theatrical Troop, will be presenting “I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus” on December 19th at “Studio A64”, located at ; 332 Colorado Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO

Tickets $20.00 at the door, $15.00 early bird. You can pick up tickets at Hemplements as well as Club A64.

We hope to have you there!!






DECEMBER 1, 2015

Why Hemp Products Make Great Gifts!

If you want to help the environment and give a one-of-a-kind handmade Holiday gift, hemp is the way to go. This weed-like plant is transformed into endless fashionable items that are sure to appeal to all ages. HEMPLEMENTS offers a variety of items crafted from hemp that range from clothing, hats, backpacks and handbags to jewelry and makeup brushes. There are also decorative pieces for the home and apparel accessories, which are ideal for unique anniversary, Christmas and housewarming gift ideas. Please stop by and see what we can offer you!





NOVEMBER 21, 2015

Hemplements opened last Saturday to a Huge Success! We arrived early to put the final touches onto the store and at 10:00 am we opened our door.

Our customers who arrived were all full of smiles, questions, and interest in all our products made of hemp. Many asked about the process of using hemp in clothing, facial and beauty products and of course our hemp art. Our local artist Jacob was on hand, along with his assistants, who painted a magnificent three-piece mural for our store.

Of special interest, was our upcoming classes’ and lecture series events (make sure you check our calendar for these classes). Our first class topic will be on how ”Hempcrete” – a new development of concrete and hemp is used to make safer building materials for homes and buildings.

We want to thank all of you who stopped by and congratulated us and wished us success. If you mention you saw this blog, visited our Facebook page, or saw us advertised in our local newspapers, then you will get a discount on any of our products located in the store.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you at Hemplements!

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